If only every clipper created worked flawlessly with every horse or cattle, life would be so simple. Seeing as that’s not the case, when searching for the best horse clippers some stores have quality clippers. But let’s be real, most don’t, as expected, so you’re eventually left by yourself to examine the hundreds of models available on the market.

The process might seem overwhelming initially, considering the variety of models and available options. Horse Clippers of 2016 consist of various motors, speed ratings, power levels or any other features. In addition you will find a lot more subjective features, such as the way a unit feels within your hand, how straightforward it is to work with and just how good a clip it creates.pngpix-com-horse-transparent-png-image

As much as the choices are, you are able to de-stress your shopping equation by identifying how to make use of your prospective purchase. Are you gonna be shearing off your horse’s winter coat? Or perhaps your just trimming the uncontrollable long hairs that grow on his/her lower limbs? Cleaning up a bridle path and muzzle? Are you planning to tackle each of these jobs and more? When searching for the best horse clippers, as in making all kinds of other decisions, it is advisable to start out with our site BestHorseClippers.com to help you find the best clippers for you and your horse.

Fortunately, clipper companies assist in steering their buyers in the ideal direction through their advertising literature and labeling. Thus, when you are getting prepared to purchase a pair of clippers, it’s a wise idea to start out by understanding the standard product categories. For instance, most models referred to as trimmers focus on light applications, such as cleaning up whiskers and ears. These trimmers can also be called finishing trimmers or known to be used for “quick trims”. Additionally, many are exclusively called “ear trimmers” and the ones categorized as “quiet” and “for light use” may also be meant for use around the ears.


Heavy-use horse clippers are generally made to take care of body clipping or trace or hunter clips, where huge swaths of hair coat are taken off the body. These clippers are designed for large jobs, and they’re typically created using a sturdy and larger casing. Since they’re stronger, some are usually noisy and too big for the accuracy and reliability work of ear trimming or whiskers around the muzzle.

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A number of the medium-range clippers that you can buy fall somewhere among large and small clippers when it comes to getting the job done. Many of these middle-range machines are labeled for general clipping, as well as the description of product may claim that they’re ideal for thick, matted or coarse hair. Medium-range clippers may be used to trim whiskers, clip surrounding the head and clip legs; some may also be ideal for body clipping, but larger clippers have a tendency to handle those jobs faster and effectively.

Best Horse Clippers 2017 Comparison Chart!




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Andis Super AGR+ Cordless Detachable Blade Clipper

- Quiet.

- Detachable Blade.

- Cordless!

Can heat up after hours of use

Oster Variable Speed Horse Clipper

- Great for total body clipping!

- Heavy duty.

- Great Quality.

- Louder than Andis Clipper.

- Heavy in weight.

Top Rated!

Groomer's Edge Power Clipper 

- Great for large horses!

- Very quiet.

- 5x more powerful than most clippers. 

- Bigger than most clippers

Andis Heavy Duty Cordless Cattle/Horse Clipper

Perfect all-around cattle/horse clipper.

- Comfortable & reduce's wrist fatigue.

- Great for almost any animal.

- Constantly oil your blade when clipping!

What Exactly Are The Best Horse Clippers On The Market?

1. Oster Large Animal Variable Speed Clipper

The Oster Clipmaster is so amazing for total body clipping that it is nearly too effortless! When clipping any horse with a VERY thick coat these horse clippers get the job done and I strongly recommend them.

71ijpsf76l-_sl1500_Honestly, these clippers, well, a true beast.

They possess the “WoW factor” the instant you begin using them. When cutting horses it can definitely be difficult cutting their body of hair many times each year. Using these horse clippers the hair just melts off of them like butter and never ever jams.

You undoubtedly need to pay attention because your first lack of expectation can end up being the issue due to using inferior clippers previously. These clippers are larger than many and take time for you to get used too. Any perceived negative problems with these is much more outweighed by the positive.

Even though the reviews say the clippers do no get hot at some point they are going to, even keeping them wiped clean and well oiled. Again, minor!

You simply settle-back as soon as the work is done and be happy you haven’t thrown away cash on any other clipper purchases and bought these from the beginning. Another advantage was horses seem to be much more receptive/calm to getting their hair cut maybe because they could sense my the calm reaction most have when using these horse clippers.

It is a extremely quality clipper, plus they look and feel as though you can get a life-time of use from them, ultimately only time will tell.amazonreviewsbutton1

2. Andis Super AGR+ Cordless Detachable Blade Clipper

This robust, cordless removable blade clipper intended for all day long heavy-duty use. The high power battery pack runs constantly for An hour or so and recharges in the Sensa-Charge charging system in just 60 andis-super-agr-cordless-detachable-blade-clipperminutes. Refresh mode recharges and conditions the battery to optimum performance instantaneously. The AGR+ contains the flexibility of a cord connected clipper when combined with the AGR+ Cord Pack, which is sold separately(find it here). This model features a cool-running and resilient CeramicEdge blade.



3. Wahl Professional Animal Speed Brushless

wahl-professional-animal-km10-2-speed-brushless-motorJust The Thing For: All coat types! Thick, coarse and matted coats; perfect horse clippers for full shave downs
The KM10 is a specialized 2 speed clipper that’s German Engineered with innovative performance and prolonged motor life (<10,000 Hours).

It’s got optimum power and torque with Persistent Speed Control to provide much more power when clipping through mats and thick coats.

To cut back wrist fatigue the KM10 was created with exceptional comfort and control having a correctly-balanced, low vibration and light-weight ergonomic design.amazonreviewsbutton1


4. Andis Heavy Duty Cordless Cattle/Horse Clipper

The Andis HC Heavy-duty Corded Cattle and Horse clipper runs at up to 2,200 blade strokes per minute. The HC Clipper is ideal for clipping and fitting of cattle and horses.

The clipper is precision designed for resilient, comfortable and cool use. It includes and simple and quick blade tension adjuandis-heavy-duty-cordless-cattlehorse-clipperstment and contains a slimmer grip for significantly greater control and much less fatigue. Trademarked tension adjustment guarantees persistent clipping tension and consequently, extends blade life. The clipper comes with a 31-23 blade set.
The HC also includes a counter balanced motor for practically vibrations free operation. Andis also provides an entire line of high quality clippers and trimmers for consumers and animal grooming and won’t have you regretting any decision purchasing. amazonreviewsbutton1




5. Groomer’s Edge Power Clipper 401

The Groomer’s Edge Power Clipper 401 cuts pet grooming time in half, which makes it preferable over 41-bdedwrjlalmost every other clipper. It easily cuts through thick, matted, dirty or wet hair while functioning extremely silently. With half a dozen times the strength of standard clippers, this 1/8 horsepower clipper cuts quicker and more stable than almost every other clipper.

The adjustable speed control offers speed changes from 100 to 4500 RPMs. Features 9000 blade “strokes per minute.” The unique cable drive system transfers power through the motor to the hand piece, allowing the hand piece to stay cool throughout clipping.

The quick-detach hand piece enables optional nail grinding or dental polishing hand pieces to be attached to to the 7′ power cable for excellent flexibility. The impact-resistant hand piece allows all snap-on style blades. The clipper speed can be turned down to work around fragile areas in crucial silence, which can be essential if you are making use of young or inexperienced animals. You are able to mount this clipper to a table or hang it on a wall. amazonreviewsbutton1

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