Which Andis Cordless Clippers For Horses Should I Buy?

Since finding the right clipper is extremely important, begin by being aware what you would like in a clipper before you purchase. Do you need a clipper which will support endless body clipping, or do you want a touchup clipper for the head, ears and legs? Attempting to use a smaller touchup clipper to clip the entire body of a horse is asking the clippers to fail.

How silent do you want your clippers to be? If you choose to clip multiple horses, you will want a calm and silent clipper that almost all horses will tolerate. Also when trimming wouldn’t you rather have a cordless clipper than a cord? And another question we get is what exactly are the best andis cordless clippers for horses? Considering their one of the top clippers in the market. Well below we narrow it down to the best andis horse clippers in the market today to make the research task simple.

1. Andis Heavy Duty Cordless Cattle/Horse Clipper

This dominant show-grade clipper is a tough, cool and noiseless tool. Quick blade tension adjusting, a andis-heavy-duty-cordless-cattlehorse-clipperslender grip along with a light-weight design to ease handling and control. Solidified steel blades make certain long-lasting effectiveness. Lightweight, thinner grip design for increased control and comfortable operation. The cordless feature makes it simple with any movement around horses or cattle. These horse clippers are pricey but totally worth it because of it’s durability which makes this a sure buy when looking at any andis cordless clippers.


2. Andis Super AGR+ Cordless Detachable Blade Clipper

andis-super-agr-cordless-detachable-blade-clipperThis highly effective, cordless removable blade clipper suitable for all day heavy-duty use. The high capacity battery pack operates constantly for 1 hour and recharges in the charging system within just 60 minutes. Refresh mode recharges and conditions the battery to optimum effectiveness overnight. When it comes to any cordless andis horse clipper this is one of the best, and for the price can’t be passed up on considering how effective and powerful this clipper is!


3. Andis Pulse ZR Cordless Horse Clipper

andis-pulse-corldess-horse-clipperThe five-speed pulse ZR clipper by Andis was created to make effortless work of any horse hair type while supplying the ease of cordless accessibility. The outer layer is ergonomic and crack proof. It can endure aggressive chemicals as the motor is enclosed within the case for a cool and silent longevity. Additionally it is curved to fit easily into your hand for very long intervals of comfy use. For the all-purpose clipper that requires hardly any routine maintenance which makes this a top cordless clipper made by andis.



When it comes to Andis and their horse clippers they provide some of the best and most effective and definitely are unique in the way the mow through hair of any animal that needs a quick trim. You can find many reviews vouching for Andis because of the quality they provide.

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